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Nelly's at Turney Road

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Nelly's at Dulwich Sports Ground
Nelly's are a small group of four privately owned nurseries in Dulwich. 

Established in 2002, we offer full day care for children from 3 months to 5 years in a happy and secure environment. Our four fabulous sites are located at: Turney Road, Rosendale Road, Lancaster Avenue, and Dulwich Sports Ground

Each of our nurseries follows our simple ethos — that children should be allowed to be children and the adults who look after them should believe that too.

We pride ourselves on delivering very high quality childcare and believe that we can do this because we have fantastic facilities, we employ dedicated, fun, caring, inspiring people - and we are all passionate about what we do.

We open from 7.30am to 6.30pm each weekday and close for bank holidays, approximately 2 weeks over Christmas and for 4 staff training days per year.
We occupy beautiful, detached, nurseries in Dulwich, each with its own outdoor play space.
It’s hard to find a day nursery in Dulwich with wonderful and extensive facilities for both indoor and outdoor play, but all four of our Dulwich nurseries have both, and we’ve included lots of information about our facilities on our Our Nurseries page, and the pages dedicated to our individual nurseries, and lots of photos of our children at play throughout our website. Thank you to our parents for granting their permission for us to share these photos.  
Our philosophy and practice
We explain our philosophy and approach to childcare in detail on our Caring For Your Child page. We think that this is particularly important, as not every Dulwich nursery operates in the same way. We explain our ‘Key Person Approach’ and how this enables us to know both you and your child really well – and better meet your child’s needs. We also explain how our nurseries and outdoor environments contribute to your child’s development with us.  
Here at Nelly’s we have a great partnership with parents – working closely and ensuring that we are meeting their individual requirements. We believe in creating a warm, caring and friendly environment, where children and their families feel cared for, valued and loved - and where they can genuinely feel at home. As children’s primary educators, the relationships we build with parents are as important as the relationships we build with our children. These relationships create a ‘home from home’ atmosphere and help children to feel safe and secure, leaving them free to immerse themselves in play.  
Useful Information
We’ve included as much useful information as possible here on our website. You’ll find much of it on our For Parents page. We believe we’re the only Dulwich nurseries to open from 7.30am – 6.30pm, Monday – Friday for 50 weeks of the year (we close for 2 weeks at Christmas), and offer a variety of sessions to meet most family’s individual needs - at competitive and inclusive prices. We also offer FREE childcare places for ALL 3 and 4 year old children, and include nutritious ‘home cooked’ lunches and teas – the details of which are all explained on our ‘For Parents’ page.  
The best day nurseries in Dulwich
Of course it’s natural to be proud of your nurseries when you work with teams who strive to provide wonderful care to children every day - and we’re no exception. We truly believe that Nelly’s offer the best nurseries in Dulwich. We hope that our parent testimonials bear this out - and you may also enjoy reading our latest OFSTED Reports.   Finally, while we regard Nelly’s as Dulwich nurseries, we have parents who use us from further afield. You’ll find a map showing our location on our Contact Us page - as well as our contact details. If we look as though we could provide a childcare solution for you, then we’d love to see you at one of our nurseries and show you around - so please give us a call or pop in to see us, and meet one of our teams.
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